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heyyo everyone! now I'm trying to use english in every post. sorry if my english is bad -___- btw what do you think about my new template? is it nice? or bad? please leave your comment :) there's something new, "view my complete profie" on amenay navigation. click it! :D

and btw, did you see the image up there ^^? that's my friend's blog, tasya. I helped her to edit the template, with kak lettha's tutorials. btw she's newbie on blogger, anyone want to blogwalking to her blog? :D thankyou!

btw, now I want to talk about fashion blogger. do you know about fashion blogger?

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Fashion blogs are blogs that cover the fashion industry, clothing, and personal style. -wikipedia
recently, my friends are talking about fashion blogger. I don't know why they're really want to make a fashion blog. and they ask me to join them. of course I refuse. because, you know:

  1. I don't understand about fashion, fashion is not my thing
  2. and I don't have any good clothes
  3. because I don't have any money.
yup. that's some good reason.
but you know, I used to be a fashion blogger longgg loongg time ago. (uhuk) but I really don't understand, so I stopped.

but, I'm enjoying design a style on looklet and coco girl. Yes, now there's no more looklet :( because of that I stopped being fashion blogger. but I still have some of my looks.

yup. I know they're not too good. I played looklet when I was in e.s.
aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh suddenly I want to make a fashion blog!!! -____-

wanna be a fashion blogger? check this out!


  1. yg blog punya kak Diana aku udh lama kenal xD

  2. waah, kalau aku tau baru2 ini pas liat di majalah :o berarti aku telat -___-


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