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Ameni Nazaretha Sitorus, a.k.a. ameni, retha, menay, ame.meni. Ya, whatever you want to call me, as long as it's nice and not rude and I'm okay with it.

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funfact(???) saya suka berkeliaran di internet dengan bukan menggunakan nama saya (yes! gue suka make nama samaran hehe) siapatahu kalian tibatiba ketemu gue dimana kek gitu, oiya biasanya gue pake nama jepang atau nama orang amrik(?) wkwk semoga beruntung(?)

ATTENTION PEOPLE WHO SADLY READING THIS! So I decided to re-write this page, with the style and the minds of me now, not me in the past. Or the abg labil me. or the alay me. seriously those posts are so embarrasing.

So, basically you know that I'm an Indonesian girl, now I'm a senior high school student (well, eventhough next year I'll graduate and go to college), so you'll know that I'm a 98-liner. I like studying, nah I'm just kidding. I like music, or LOVE, I mean. so much. I like arts, performing arts, writing, and food. I love rainy days, autumns, Switzerland, and blue skies. well I know that it's not that important.

Things that you might want to know about me---or actually you don't want to know but you just happened to read this frickin page so you have no choice to read and know those things that you might think it's useless and nonsense. : I'm tall, and I love and somehow annoyed because of that fact.
I'm an IPA student. Believe it or not. and I always think that I might be in a wrong way. help.
I'm a dog person.
But I find kittens are cute.
Eventhough they are annoying as heck
I love singing.
But my voice is sucks.
But who cares I love music and making music.
I love Jazz.
I play piano.
I'm a Christian.
And if you hate me because of my religion, who cares?
The point is I'm not going to hate you back anyway.
And I love my God. Nothing's gonna change my love for Him.
I'm somehow quiet.
But sometimes I'm super random, crazy, and freak as hell.
So I seriously don't know which one is the real ME, or both of them ARE?
I'm always hungry
I'm a dreamer
I'm always daydreaming at any time any place about dreamy things
but I'm going to make those dreams come true
and I'm not good at english

this blog was created on June 2009, I forgot the date. This blog used to be my personal blog, tips, tutorials, and many more. I'll try to post about fashion, btw :p I usually use Bahasa but sometimes I write a post in english. enjoy reading, don't be a copycat!

hey there, nice blog. wanna walking back?
sure! I love blogwalking.

hahaha, thanks. btw, i like your tutorial. can I use it?
of course, but don't forget to give credits.

yes, and I love your tips too. can I post/write it for my blog or for my school homework/school magazine?
yup. but don't forget to give the credits! don't delete the "source" address.

yay, thanks! btw mind for followback?
I'll follow you if you follow me :)

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