welcome, may!

ohai bloggers! long time no see, lol.

hi, so.. I changed my template. again. uuh.
but that's just because i don't like the link style, and I don't know how to change it. uh. sorry. anyway, I love this new skin. it's so nice. and you know what, I've got a cursor from kak lettha. thanks so much kak! :) and for all you my followers, sorry for spamming your dashboard, because of that cursor posting. hahaha :)

talking about followers, now I have like 97 FOLLOWERS!!! :)) so close to 100~! thanks guys, please follow me, 3 more followers XD

soo, actually I start to writed this at may 1st, but then I post this on may 7th -,- sorry guys! anyway talking about may, this is my maytargets.

  1. write at least 2 novels, 5 short stories
  2. write for tupperware chc. deadline: may 15th!!! and win it.
  3. be smarter! more diligent!
  5. forget him. move on, bro.
  6. mmm, that's all.
soo welcome may!


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