and I go back to december all the time.


Hello people, long time no see hahaha. What's up? It's been 2 months. And now I'm back, finally haha. And it's december, fyi ;) and decemer means christmas. Jesus Christ's Born :D Yeah I can't wait for christmas! Yesterday there was a christmas celebration in my church. we did the drama well, althought it's not to good (the audience couldn't hear out voice well) But at least we do our best :) by the way the christmas celebration is about immanuel: Allah beserta kita! We must realize that God is always with us, He will never leave us alone :)

And we did the exchange gift yesterday. I gave a cute bear photo frame-I don't know what's the bear name, but it's cute- and I wrote on the present:

Matius 22:39 "Dan hukum yang kedua, yang sama dengan itu, ialah: Kasihilah sesamamu manusia seperti dirimu sendiri."

And I got a doll and two keychains from my lil sister's friend. It's cute :3 thanks! Merry christmas :D (nextime I'll post the photos :)) dan....Resolusi gue untuk selanjutnya: bakal lebih rajin, taat orangtua, gak ngomongin orang, gak terlalu maniak hape, kurangin curigaan, baik ke semua orang! Wml :D

And by the way, now I'm a 9th grader. Next year, there will be a national exam waiting for me -_- aaaaaahh and I'm still not good at math and physics. And now I'm really worried. However, I must study well so I can graduate from this school next year. Atau kalau nem gue kecil, gakbakal bisa masuk 1, 8, atau 5. Nyeh -w- Wish me luck people! :"

And about senior high school. As you know, I have soooooo many dreams. I want to be a musician *azzeek*, mangaka, animator, and more -w- bu shinta bilangnya sih lebih baik gue ke SMK. Tapi kata keluarga sih lebih baik ikut SMA biasa. Nah kan gue jadi bingung broh -w-
And..... kalaupun nanti gue udah lulus, terus mau kuliah, GUE AMBIL JURUSAN APA!? Aku galaw cemans. Ihiks :( gak kerasa ya gue udah gede banget.... -_-

Udah segitu aja deh. Btw tomorrow will be the first day of UAS. Wml :3 anddddd........ I'll visit Jogja this christmas!! Yayyyy can't wait to meet my sister(again), ratri, lucia, santi, and other femind members who live in Jogja :) see ya!!!

Thats enough for today~ sampai ketemu lagi setelah selesai UAS&TO :D wml! Sorry for my weird(?) English. Okesip gue memang sotong -_-


  1. ciye typo nya udah diganti =))))))

    aku juga bingung kalau kuliah mau ngambil apa =( (?)

  2. wkakakak -_____-v

    sma aja aku bingung mau dimana uuuu DX


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