it's me


Ameni Nazaretha Sitorus, a.k.a. ameni, retha, amenay.
August 5th, 13 y.o. now.. if you're younger than me, please call me "kak" :p 8A02
just an extraordinary crazy, funny, hilarious, stupid, but sometimes shy, creative, smart girl.

Indonesian, Christian. Sleadiers. Simpsonizer. Zswagger. Vierrania. Victorians. Swifties. Enchancer. Blogger XD. Dreamer.

Hobbies: sing, write stories, draw manga, play keyboard, online, reading, eating, watching TV, texting, tweeting, blogging, sleeping, see the blue sky, dreaming.

LOVES: GOD, JESUSCHRIST, family, CODY SIMPSON <3 (he followed me!), zendaya, greysonchance, taylor swift, victoria justice, ariana grande, owl city, music, #nasigoreng, #rotibakar, pasta, english, bestfriends, him

DISLIKES: justin bieber, sm*sh, bugs, ROKOK, copycats, war, global warming, haters, drugs, enemies, exams, broken heart

DREAMS: meet cody simpson, greyson chance, taylor swift, go to australia, singapore, england, los angeles. be a singer, pianist, mangaka, announcer, author. be his gf.
that's why I called myself a dreamer. an awesome dreamer.

I HATE CIGARETTE. I don't smoke. I promise, I'll never smoke. for the rest of my life. NEVER!


this blog was created on June 2009, I forgot the date. This blog used to be my personal blog, tips, tutorials, and many more. I'll try to post about fashion, btw :p I usually use Bahasa but sometimes I write a post in english. enjoy reading, don't be a copycat!

hey there, nice blog. wanna walking back?
sure! I love blogwalking.

hahaha, thanks. btw, i like your tutorial. can I use it?
of course, but don't forget to give credits.

yes, and I love your tips too. can I post/write it for my blog or for my school homework/school magazine?
yup. but don't forget to give the ctedits! don't delete the "source" addres.

yay, thanks! btw mind for followback?
I'll follow you if you follow me :)

and, wanna exchange links?
5 people more and I'll stop exchange links. thanks! :)

amenay is not my real name. the nickname "amenay" was created by my best friend, ria. and I think that's a cute name! then I decided to use it, for my blog, twitter, soundcloud, youtube, etc etc. THANKS RIA :D

why "maybe I'm dreaming"?
as you know, I'm a really good dreamer. that "maybe I'm dreaming title I got from Owl City's album title, Maybe I'm Dreaming. yeah, there's owl city - maybe I'm dreaming song, but I haven't listen to it. btw I love owl city, breanne dure, and sky sailing XD

and that's all you need to know.


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